Now or never

It is not surprising to have a day when I make a plan early in the morning and organise almost all of my activities around the plan, but a new situation comes along and I have to change the plan to accomodate the situation. In many cases, I tend to postpone changing until the last minute.

What happens if I do not change right away is that I end up re-organising the entire plan and putting myself in a mentally stressful situation.

The lesson I learn from this experience is to modify and change as soon as an unexpected situation takes place. In other words, it’s better to do it now than later because if I do it now, I may be able to get more flexibility on it than later.

The same idea can be applied to how we live our lives. Whatever that has interested you, have you tried it out? Have you talked to yourself out of doing it because of A, B, and C reasons? I believe there must have been many people who wanted to see the sun rise of today but could not make it for various reasons. If you are reading this post, it means you have made it this far. It is worth celebration.

If you have the capability of taking as much advantage of today, why don’t you?

Do it now ’cause you only have one life!!!


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