I hope you know this, which can literally CHANGE your life.

I have choices when it comes to my life. All the activities I engage in are the results of my decisions. Writing this content was also my choice. In fact, it was initially optional.

At the same time, I can argue that these choices I took have all been optional. I did not need to if I did not want to. Simple, right?

Then why I chose to write? I have chosen to write for a several reasons.

  1. Writing my thought down allows me to organise my thought that is stored everywhere in my mind. I believe all the information I have stored and all the knowledge I have accumulated over the years are not necessarily stored in order. A good example is when I hear someone talking to me about a certain topic, I know it  intuitively, but it takes time to process it rationally. To me, writing down is a practice of organising all the information in my hard drive .
  2. Writing down allows me to re-assess my knowledge. To me, all the information stored in my brain is like a stream of river. The river itself has a shape of it, but each particle that makes up the river seems to have its own shape, but it does not in reality. However, if I scoop it up and observe closely, then I am able to notice its shape. The same idea goes to my writing. Once I write down what I think I know, I start to see its shape and re-realize what I have thought I knew it was.
  3. writing allows me to practice constructing ideas in a logical way

As I mentioned, I consciously chose to do what I am doing right now. I am not forced to do this by anyone else. I am doing it because this is what I need and what I want to do.

We all have choices. Don’t complain that you don’t have a choice unless your life or the life of someone important to you is at stake.

We all have choices.

Which choice are you going to take and what are you going to do with it?

The time is ticking nonetheless.


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