Are you one of them?

When I went out to grab a cup of coffee, it was around 9 am. I passed by a lot of people commuting to work. When I looked around, I hardly found someone with smile on his/her face.

Later, I took some time to reflect on what I had experienced. What I witnessed was people who were commuting to their respective workplaces. What surprised me was more than 90% of them seemed to be emotionless. At least, I could tell the word, smile, was not what I could find there.

Back in my home country, Japan, people like them whom I passed by here in CBD in Melbourne are everywhere. They work more than 10 hours, and some of them have to spend more than 1 hour to get to work.

I feel the world where I live in somehow encourages a lifestyle like the one I mentioned above: Wake-up, work, work, work, tired, instant-gratification, sleep.

I am not criticising here at all.

While thinking of what I experienced, I came to a question which I often come to. The question is: what is my life?

I wonder how many people think of this question. I wonder how many of them are serious enough to come up with their own answers to it.


What is your life? 


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