What my consciousness and subconsciousness allow me to achieve

When it comes to learning a new thing or learning to make a habit, I usually go through 2 stages.

the first stage is the stage of consciousness. When learning something new, at first I look at it closely. Then, I move on to breaking it down into small components. In case those components are more than I can handle, based on my capabilities, I once again break down each component into smaller parts. Thirdly, I start to work on each part. During these whole processes, I need to be very conscious/aware of what I am paying my attention on. Because without my attention, I might end up loosing my motive of doing the whole thing.

In the second stage, I start to play with the subconsciousness. But before ‘playing with it,” I need to rely on the consciousness a bit more. I need to work/practice on those small parts consciously until the brain establishes a neural network in charge of doing the small parts. The key here is the brain. Yes, it takes a while, to tell you the truth. (During those periods of not being able to see any visible results, many people end up giving up learning something or creating a habit.) Once the network is set up, however, I start to find myself engaging in working/practicing on the small parts without my paying attention to what and how I do them. This is the moment I start to play with the subconsciousness. There is also a shift of mindset. I start to feel un-comfortable “not” doing them instead of feeling un-comfortable doing them, which is likely to be experienced in my first stage.

Once I nail the second stage, I am done learning something new or creating a new habit.

It is fascinating to think of how much our brain takes part in the process of learning.



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