The master of learning

In terms of learning, I believe children are a master of the art of learning for a few reasons.

  1. It seems they don’t see the world as biased-ly as adults do. Looking at the world and phenomena happening at a given moment with flexible and open mind, they seem to allow all the information regarding what they see to enter in them.
  2. They seem to be able to absorb any information un-intentionally and intentionally. As an adult, when I try to learn something, I need to be intentional, meaning I need to intentionally decide on what I focus my attention on, intentionally break down what I want to learn, and intentionally strategise how to become competent on each small component; thus, I can become competent on the thing. On the other hand, I do not think children go through those processes. They somehow organically start to imitate what they want to learn intentionally in one occasion and un-intentionally in another occasion. Even when they imitate intentionally, they do not go through the analysing processes. They just imitate every single action involved in what they want to learn.
  3. They seem to know how to tap into the drive that stimulates the desire of learning.

For those reasons, it makes me think that somehow children utilise a different area of the brain when it comes to learning, and they seem to know the secret of learning; thus, a teacher of learning.


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