How-to: create a habit (based on my experience)

How I implement a new habit:

  1. Find my why

I used to not be able to stick to something till the end. The reason was very simple. I had no strong Why. The previous-me can be summarised in this way: I kinda want it, and I get a “kinda” result at the end. However, one I found a why which was aligned with my core values, things started to change. In short, I have found through my experience that to get a serious result, I need to have a serious why.

2.   Break down the habit you want to acquire

In case the habit I want to acquire is reading a book. Instead of tackling head on, break down the “reading a book” into small components.

Components of reading a book

– a book

– why

– time

– a place

The main parts of reading a book are: a book, why, time, and a place. A place is not a big issue here because if there is a space for you to stand, you can literally read; therefore, a place is not an issue to deal with. As for why, I have already worked on it and found it in the first stage. Thus, the why part is done. Regarding a book, pick an easy-to-read book (personally a book with less than 30 pages). Regarding time, I do not need to put away 1 hour for reading. Instead, I can start from 5 minutes a day. probably, some people may say, “I don’t even have 5 minutes.” My response is, “do you not have even 5 minutes a day?” Even if you think you do not have 5 minutes, you can create 5 minutes by simply eliminating un-necessary activities you engage in. If it is still hard, remind yourself of your why. this is also a reason why having a why is important.

3. Know that it takes time: patience

Remember, during this early stage, the objective is not reading, to tell you the truth, but condition my brain to get accustomed to a series of actions involved in wanted habit. If it is reading a book, the series of actions will be: put a book in my bag, carry it wherever I go,  and pick it up and open it to read. some say it make take roughly 66 days. In my experience, at least 3 months till I become less un-comfortable doing a set of actions of a wanted habit. Honestly, how long it takes depends entirely on an individual. Because of this uncertainty, it is very important to keep in mind that 1. it takes time, 2. not rush to the outcome but enjoy every moment of it, and 3. be comfortable being un-comfortable.

These are actual 3 steps I use when implementing a new habit.

I hope these steps can bring a value to anyone who reads this post.


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